Hello BZMapping User,

I am proud to say that the BZMapping Site has been redesigned and is no longer being hosted here at Synthasite. Thank You Synthasite for hosting my site and letting it be a success. The link to the new website is here: http://bzmapping.2x.nu. The new website is redesigned and has a few new features. Go check out the redesigned site and make sure you change any Bookmarks you may have had. "BZMapping.co.nr" does not work anymore. "macmapping.synthasite.com" will no longer exist only this part will exist. Please visit the new website with the link provided above or with this new link: bzmapping.tk If you are experiencing any difficults please contact me at hygsbm.bzflag@gmail.com

-Allejo (FKA Ha You Got Shot By Me)